Cloud Online Sentiment Analysis

This system is a cloud based online microservice that takes text from users as an input, analyzes its emotions and reflects back the emotion to the user. It also creates a text analyzer that contains all the text ever inputted to the system and shows the frequency of the positive, negative and neutral sentiments of all the texts inputted to the system.

Built on AWS cloud platform, this project demonstrates a brief but complete online sentiment analysis system structure. It provides two access methods – for both humans (website) and the program (command line). The project is also supported by AWS Lambda which makes the system serverless and scalable according to workload. Besides, use of Grafana and RDS provide a flexible and fast way to build a user-friendly data dashboard which can be used as a monitor of the system status.

Teammates: Xinyi Pan, Maobin Guo

Mentor: Prof. Noah Gift


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Grafana, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, MySQL, AWS API Gateway, AWS Comprehend