Promotional Strategy – AB Testing

Social Media has evolved as the most ubiquitous form of media today. Given this, advertising on social media has become one of the most effective ways to reach one’s target audience. An important question that then comes up for businesses or organizations, is what promotional strategy to invest in.

This project aims to gain basic insights into advertising on social media to help answer that question. Given that most of the advertisements on Social Media either take the form of a photo or a video, comparing the performance of these two generic types of advertising would be helpful by allowing us to understand which of the two is better and worth building upon.

To do so, two advertisements are run, photo-based and video-based, to promote the Face-book page of a musical band owned by one of our team members. The project then attempt to answer the question which promotional strategy to invest in, by analyzing which of the two advertisements has higher popularity (provides more page likes) for the same amount of in-vestment.

Through the experiment, it is found that compared to the photo-based advertisement, the video-based advertisement has a lower cost per like and the photo-based advertisement has more likes per reach. However, the former is found to be significant while the latter is not. Hence, the analysis finds that a video advertisement might be a good choice for music bands, or generally speaking organizations to invest in. Further, it finds that the likes per reach is an important factor in affecting the cost per like, irrespective of the advertisement, thereby, suggesting creation of advertisements that garner more popularity for better promotional strategies.

Teammates: Pranav Manjunath, Xinyi Pan,  Maobin Guo, Luyi Huang

Mentor: Prof. Nick Eubank


Facebook AB Test, Python