Navigating and Analyzing Geospatial Data Using Open Source Software

The Potential of GIS technology in analyzing the huge quantum of data is growing by the day. This work tries to make an endeavor to increase its reach and access by creating certain functionalities such as measuring distances and areas, retrieving information, finding points and conducting GIS buffer analysis using Open source. It also endeavors to create a generic system, which can be extended further to create any specific application be it aiding individual decisions or decision making at the administrational level.

One of its most important functionality is that of buffer creation which allows for creation of multipoint multiple buffers that can help analyze important information.

Besides, a generic system has been developed that allows for the usage of the application for specific analysis such as that of studying the distribution of an amenity across a town.

In fact, it evens facilitates more common day usage such as finding the distance of a car parking from the specific place as well.


JS, Java, PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoServer